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Reviews of Jaffa Road

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"As I'm writing this at the end of November, I'm going to tentatively claim this as my Playback album of the year. Superb! " - Neil McLeod, Sound on Sound

“A visionary band...enchanting numbers with relaxing grooves...resonant, inspirational, clarion music.”
- Joe Ross,

“True professionals and talented artists, Jaffa Road represents the best of the Canadian world music scene. Their unique sound, energy, and ability to connect with audiences combine to make a memorable performance. I recommend them without hesitation!” - Jenna Roebuck, Executive Director, Dawson City Music Festival 

“Jaffa Road at Blue Skies Music Festival was beyond magical...with the music from around the world drifted through the crowds....bringing them down from their campsites, or just in the audience to dance, you just can’t help sway your hips, and be so mesmerized, you think you are in Israel or Turkey or Blue Skies Music was pure magic!”

- Julia Phillips, Artistic Director, Blue Skies Music Festival 

“Jaffa Road exemplified professionalism in every way and The Deep Roots Music Festival could not be happier with their performances this year. What stands out even more than their exceptional abilities is their competence and willingness to work with others: exactly what our festival is all about!”
- Dave Carmichael, Artistic Director – Deep Roots Music Festival 

“Jaffa Road's performance for a packed hall was easily one of my favourite moments of the festival. This group of fantastic musicians has an uncanny ability to bring an audience to the edge of their seats one moment, and then get them on their feet dancing the next.“ - Chris Dearlove, National Arts Centre Ontario Scene Festival 

“Their beckoning eastern rhythm combined with their amazing musical sensitivity and skill made them a delight for both the audience and the organizers. Two of the Jaffa Road members also joined our collaboration (two-day workshop resulting in a main stage performance at the festival) and their involvement helped create one of our best collaborations ever. Thank you Jaffa Road. We’ll see you up here again! “ - Penny Ruvinsky, Executive Director, Folk on the Rocks, Yellowknife, NWT. 

“Jaffa Road is part of the vanguard of exciting new Canadian groups whose music reflects a world perspective. The group very stylishly mixes Jewish, Arabic and Indian forms of music with modern North American genres. Jaffa Road’s live show is time very well spent.”- Paul-Emile Comeau Artistic Director, Les Productions le Moulin 

“If Toronto had to pick one group to reflect the world music scene in that city, well Jaffa Road would definitely be in the running as musical ambassadors” 
- Garvia Bailey, CBC Canada Live

“a fearless band of creative souls with the personnel to do just about anything they can imagine. That is Jaffa Road!”
- Vancouver Folk Music Festival 

“Jaffa Road blends Jewish, jazz, Indian and Arabic music with electronica and dub. The result is fantastic.”
-- Fresh Air, CBC Radio One 

“When people ask if there’s a Toronto sound, I’d point to groups like Jaffa Road that represent a mixing of different cultures with great musicianship. The group has the kind of creative eclecticism I’m thrilled to program at the Markham Jazz Festival”. -  Michael Occhipinti, Markham Jazz Festival

“Jaffa Road put on a fantastic performance and were undoubtedly one of the hits of the Ashkenaz Festival. They played to standing room-only crowds and delighted all with their energetic performance and highly inventive fusion of traditional Jewish music influences with a variety of world music sounds.” - Eric Stein, Ashkenaz Festival, Toronto

“I truly want to recommend Jaffa Road to perform at your venue. They performed on Canada Day this summer with the Ottawa Jazz Festival 2011. They put on a great show and had an overflowing audience.” 
- Catherine O’Grady, Executive Director, TD Ottawa International Jazz Festival

“Superb musicianship, finely crafted songwriting, mesmerizing vocals and a commitment to human rights made Jaffa Road a hit at this year’s California WorldFest.....highly recommended.” - Dan DeWayne, California WorldFest 

“Jaffa Road is pure joy! With an exquisite sense of innovation, and a deeply Jewish sensibility, Jaffa Road has earned a top spot amongst the top Jewish recordings of our time." - Cantor Michael Smolash, Temple Israel

Where The Light Gets In features sweeping Middle Eastern-inspired arrangements and instrumentation.... deeply spiritual lyrics and compositions throughout the recording. - Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf, Canadian Jewish News 

"Jaffa Road is a unique and talented blend of musicians bonded by their pursuit to innovate and celebrate world music. The importance of their work and the quality of their performance are powerful, a special thing to experience”. 
- Russell Gottschalk, Artistic Director, Atlanta Jewish Music Festival 

“Their eclectic mix has a combination of cultural elements that is a virtual peace plan for the Middle East – their essence should be distilled and send to long feuding lands... Highly recommended!" 
- Larry Rossignol,  Distillery Jazz Festival 

“I can say with no doubt this was one of the highest quality performances I have heard... …...I highly recommend checking them out!” - Isaac Zabloki, JCC Manhattan

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